the dream of the reunifaction in berlin came true. some of the walls in the world are still standing, but will come down soon. i have brought waring countries together in my dream world. symbols of victory such as roses and numbers are used as decorative print motifs.

dancing in the shadows can be a dream-like experience, which has the ability to capture a moment when your eye quickly flickers over a dancing body...or its shadow. there are lots of similar characters like that in my head, silhouettes or flickering shapes that stay with me after djing or following a night or day of dancing in berlin. these small shreds remain. the disco light and the bodies become intertwined.

The wind blows, it propells me forward, everything is in motion and gets blown about. Seemlingly “LOST“, but nevertheless in equilibrium. This theme is visually transposed into the print motifs of the STORM collection: the stormy sea, the tigereye focused on the ibizan palms blurred by the wind, the soft fabric, which moves fluidly with your body. The past six months I've been away from my hometown Berlin and have spent the summer in Ibiza. My residency at DC10 has been like a musical storm ... I am where the wind blows.

The night is the day, the day my night.

ellen allien fashion spring summer 2011 collection "effects"
I can't imagine a DJ set without effects. Making music without effects? A life without effects? Whether you're modifying a sound, altering an image or changing your life, effects help to shape who we are.

The spring summer collection 2011 from ellen allien fashion is inspired by the potency of effects: the echoes of a printed image; the trail left by the silhouette of a dancing hand; a vision through a curtain of smoke; the transportive power of an unfettered mind - does every effect have an OFF switch?

The effects collection includes oversize bamboo jersey shirts and dresses with prints for women and men, a 100% cotton velvet non-fit jacket featuring a used effect and viscose shorts and jodhpur pants for women in shimmering black and gold. Because a life without cause is a life without effect.

ellen allien fashion spring-summer 2010
We are the night flowers. And in those special moments, we magically blossom at the turn of dusk, when the music and the crowd become one.

The new ellen allien fashion spring/summer collection 2010 captures just that very feeling of the moment. As the extravagant colors of the flowers fade into the night, a sentimental new world of black and white is open to discoveries and urges of movement in all directions.

Light and airy dancing freedom; black floral lace; white and black floral stitched cotton, delicate dark summer whool; hazy prints of dancing people on loose cut T-shirts; each detail transports the feeling of night flowers; leading dreamingly throughout the night...

ellen allien fashion winter 2009
Neon lights become mirrored upon rainy streets, creating colored reflections in snow crystals. The grey of winter alights the streets of Berlin once again - I catch that vibe and express it on the jersey line City Lights. The line consists of dresses and shirts for both women and men, rarefied by hand printed accents of neon brushes. The nomadic world I live in inspired me to think of us all as city Indians.

The urban idea behind the above-mentioned collection is expanded upon in the denim line 24 Hour Jeans. We not only live in 24 hour rhythms, we are globally separated into perpendicular planes. When I look around, I see the world in its duality, as I try to have it all present at once in my mind. With Ellen Allien fashion it becomes to express my world view with clothing. The linear nature of things is of no interest to me, and I instead try to find meaning in the deviation from the 'straight line'. The jeans line uses vintage denim to create something new out of the old. I reverse the planes and I rearrange things in a new order. With individual items such as dresses, jackets, bustiers, shorts, pants, jumpers and bags, I want to shape women's perspectives.  I think we really need to see the world as more playful, more connected, but nevertheless extending into new horizons.

ellen allien fashion spring-summer 2009
Ellen Allien has created two fabulous new lines for spring and summer 2009! Besides her rather elegant but nevertheless sexy and cheeky mainline, with it’s black python fabrics, she surprises us with an everyday approach that will hold its promises with her new sideline QUARTETT.

The main line - for women only - tries to connect to the tradition of high fashion and Ellen’s previous collections. This becomes visible in the exquisite shapes she gave to the black python dress, jumper, catsuit and trouser, supported by a jersey tank top and long sleeve in black and white. But even with such a high-end approach, flexibility and the possibility for adaptation to all surroundings give a unique finish to the main line.

The sideline QUARTETT appears as a jersey line that integrates the usual with a touch of the unknown. Fine jersey dresses, sleeveless dresses, tops and also shirts for men build up a framework for the message of either black or red prints: the best cards you could possibly play with, the ace! Neither kings, nor queens are supported by QUARTTET– instead the ace brings every one of us into the pleasure of gambling and winning! And that’s what Ellen Allien’s fashion line is about: The pleasure of wearing clothes.

Ellen Allien Fashion Collection *PLUS*
A new mini collection for summer 2008 by Ellen Allien is available! T-Shirts and mini dresses will mould the look that appears under the name *PLUS*. Colored and organic motifs are printed on white jersey; five different prints and especially designed cuttings for women and men are available.
Those organic prints are crucial for *PLUS* - they represent the human body’s energy flux. Hence, the name *PLUS* stands for the positive energy, which we all need for being happy and that never shall become subdued by negativity.
Further, *PLUS* contains a bag in black leather with crocodile imitation.

Summer 2008 starts with Ellen Allien's first shirst for men. Two motives are available:
'Kreis/Strich' and 'Eye2Eye'.
'Kreis/Strich' is minimalism pure:
Only the circle and the line. Because without a line, no circle is possible.
Further, it is time for a statement. 'Eye2Eye' just wants to spread one message: techno is cool, we love it!
Wear the shirt, and everyone will know..

Pure Ellen Allien

In her second collection for fall/ winter 2006, Ellen Allien defines her understanding of minimal:
Heavy fabrics like leather combined with fine silk.
Grey and black visions of feminine shape.
Black = luxury/dignity + creative energy/freedom.
Leave a mark.
Express your own unique style.
Ellen Allen offers exclusive creations, available in four styles in one size.


Fashion, music, art, traveling, existence. Exploring the whole globe, street life, feeling the world on the skin. Ellen Allien develops her own intuition for material, forms and fashion. She’s a DJ, producer and an artist.

In cooperation with Markus Stich in 2006 she created on her own body the kind of fashion she would wear and wears. The femaleness is playfully accentuated – without being unwearable. Ironing is forbidden.

Markus Stich studied in Paris and worked for Dior, Lanvin and Plein Sud. In 2004 he found his own label for men.